Mengge Zhang

Research interest

Developing barley cultivars with improved root systems.

+61 431 511 487

My research project

  • Description
  • Objectives
  • Outcomes

Investigating the genetics and value of root traits to support yield in barley.

  • Discover QTL associated with barley root biomass, root angle, and root-to-shoot ratio, and determine whether these traits are correlated with one another.
  • Determine the relationship between root traits, flowering time, and yield, and investigate the impact of root biomass on yield in different environment types.
  • Root biomass is positively correlated with root : shoot ratio; root biomass is positively correlated with flowering time; root angle is negatively correlated with yield;
  • Under the water-limited condition, barley crops with high root biomass & small root angle are preferred

About Mengge Zhang

Country of origin and languages

My origin: China
Languages I speak: Chinese, English


Bachelor of Environmental Science [Honours], University of Queensland
Associate Degree of Earth and Environmental Sciences, HKU

Research advisors

Assoc. Prof. Lee Hickey
Prof. Andrew Borrell
Prof. Ian Godwin
Dr Samir Alahmad

Plant research is calming for me. I enjoy learning something new in the process of it while contributing to agriculture.
Mengge Zhang
Masters Student