Judith Eglitis

Research interest

The mechanisms of epigenetics within plants and how these can be studied and utilised for genetic engineering.

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My research project

  • Description
  • Objectives
  • Outcomes

Creating methylation mutants within crop species to understand the role of methylation and identifying epialleles that can be used for future crop improvement.

  • Use CRISPR/Cas9 to reduce methylation
  • Optimize tissue culture for barley hybrids
  • Identify useful epialleles in grain crops
  • Produce transgenic methylation mutants for analysis
  • Find and CRISPR epialleles in crops
  • Identify phenotypes arising from somaclonal variation

About Judith Eglitis

Country of origin and languages

My origin: Australia
Languages I speak: English


Bachelor of Advanced Science [Honours]

Research advisors

Dr Peter Crisp
Dr Karen Massel
Assoc. Prof. Lee Hickey

I like understanding how plants function and improving them genetically to feed our growing population.
Judith Eglitis
PhD Student