Asad Amin

Research interest

Envirotyping to facilitate plant breeding

+61 431 335 241

My research project

  • Description
  • Objectives
  • Outcomes

Investigating envirotyping methodology to evaluate contributions of stay-green traits to wheat yield in Australian environments.

  • Characterising multi-environment trial water stress environments and incorporating this information into FA models of yield performance.
  • Characterising the effects in different environment types of QTL identified to aid selection for stay-green traits and yield.

Identify the target environment is like a milestone in breeding, which allow estimating the true genotypic and phenotypic values. Stay-green has been identified to influence genetic gain that could benefit in various environmental scenarios for wheat and other crops.

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About Asad Amin

Country of origin and languages

My origin: Pakistan
Languages I speak: English, Urdu, Punjabi

  • MSc – Physics
  • MS – Environmental Science
  • Research Training Program Stipend
  • University of Queensland Research Training
Research advisors

Assoc. Prof. Lee Hickey
Prof. Mark Cooper
Dr Jack Christopher
Dr Karine Chenu
Dr Kai Voss-Fels
Prof. Ben Hayes
Dr Brian Collins

I enjoy understanding how crop environment is influenced by numerous natural interactions. Stay-green phenotype can allow a plant to have amazing plasticity so it can be well adapted to different environments.
Asad Amin
PhD Student


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Christopher M, Paccapelo V, Kelly A, Macdonald B, Chenu K, Borrell A, Amin A, Hickey L, Christopher J, (2021) QTL identified for stay-green in a wheat multi-reference nested association mapping population to exhibit context dependent expression and cross-specific alleles. Field Crop Research. 270(2):108181

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