Wei Ling Ng

Position: Honours Student

Place of birth: Cameron Hichlands, Pahang, Malaysia

Languages: Malay, Mandarin

Scholarship: UQ Summer Research Scholarship



Dr Lee Hickey 

Prof. Ian Godwin



I’m a UQ Bachelor of Biotechnology student majoring in Plant Biotechnology and Innovation Management, currently completing my Honours degree under the supervision of Dr Lee Hickey and Professor Ian Godwin. I received a scholarship to undertake the UQ Summer Research Program during the last summer and had the opportunity to gain valuable research experience in the Hickey Lab.



My Honours project specifically aims to:

1)   Identify novel QTL for adult plant resistance (APR) to stripe rust in wheat via association mapping using a diversity panel of 300 lines comprising landraces, cultivars and breeding lines from 28 countries around the world.

2)   Investigate the expression profile for a novel source of APR using RNA sequencing (RNA-seq) techniques and identify differentially expressed transcripts associated with host-pathogen interactions.


The novel QTL and associated DNA sequences identified in this project will serve as useful resources for future genetic studies and breeding efforts aiming to develop improved wheat cultivars incorporating durable resistance to YR.