Sarah van der Meer

Position: Honours Student
Place of birth: Brisbane
Language: English
Scholarship: N/A
Advisors: A/Prof Lee Hickey with associate advisors TBC


Research background 

While plant roots attribute a significant amount to the world’s flora in both physical presence and essential function, they are far less understood and studied than above-ground plant components. Given that roots are essential for water and nutrient uptake, further studies are need to determine optimal resource use in agricultural systems in order to be more environmentally and financially sustainable. Furthermore, the value of different types of root systems to support crop performance is unknown, and such insight could help inform plant breeding to develop varieties with improved water-use efficiency.

My work looks to build upon knowledge and further understand the value of root system architectural traits and their relationship with canopy development. Through this year-long project I will be focusing primarily on bread wheat varieties grown locally in Australia, gaining insight into their roots across both glasshouse trials and field experiments.